space for your avatar

Create clothes and characters using automated skin deletion, automated rigging, cloth physics and more.


Import your own skeletons

If you have existing content on third party skeletons you can bring it straight into Space without having to reskin anything!

If you want to create your own race of characters with their own unique design style and shape you can set up your own skeleton. If it's a humanoid skeleton, you can make it compatible with existing animations and gestures already in space with no extra effort.


Automated Clothes Porting

You can also commission our Clothes Porter, to reskin your existing clothes to one of the space supported skeletons quickly and easily. We can adapt clothes designed for a wide range of humanoid skeletons directly onto the space skeletons. Ask us for more info!



Fast clothing systems

Skin is automatically deleted under clothing items, dramatically improving efficiency and allowing you to put more detail where it will actually be seen; without worrying about skin poking out during complex animations.


Inter-Clothing  and Skin Fitting

You an also modify how each clothing item squeezes and compresses the avatar skin. The Space system also intelligently deletes clothing meshes of tighter clothing items where they fold under loose items.

clothing 512.jpg

lips 512.jpg

Finger and facial animation

Fingers can be fully animated, allowing you to create complex and subtle gestures. 42 facial morph targets allow both pre-recorded and realtime animation of faces.


Clothing customisation

Define primary, secondary and tertiary areas on your clothing items allowing users to tint their clothes for unique results. Users can also add decals to their clothing and resell in the secondary auction market, expanding the demand of each clothing item.

Creators can offer their own decal packs to go with their branded ranges.