Live broadcast on Drax Files Radio Hour with studio audience

Drax Files Radio Hour with sinespace

Drax Files Radio Hour with sinespace

In this illuminating hour long live broadcast, Draxtor was joined by Adam, Mal Burns (metaversal news aggregatior and broadcaster) and a studio audience, to discuss a number of issues, including intellectual property protection in sinespace, and more generally in virtual worlds. 


The conversation kicks off with Draxtor asking Adam to expand on his four word elevator USP for sinespace "we have no limits".


The expanded version of that is that sinespace exists to make it as easy as possible for creators to do sophisticated content design.


Adam goes on to talk about sinespace enabling good quality tools and commenting on the platform's body sliders, character customization, inworld build tools and economy.


There are also a couple of tips on being undaunted by the Unity use learning curve, and how perseverance will unleash amazing potential.


Our critics get a share of voice,  and there's a 'shout out' to skin creators.