Fantastic region ambience using post-FX in sinespace

sinespace recently updated the post-FX  tools for developers.


Post-FX, which updates in real time on the platform, is a simple to use, and highly effective tool for creating the perfect ambience in your region.


Visual effects are accessed in the editor, and extend the existing new "Unity Post Processing Stack" with some new features, including volumetric lighting support. 


Cloud plumes; reflections; shadows ; any visual effect that you would want, are included in the post-FX chain. 


There is the most amazing  lighting, simulating  beams of light streaming through environments and into rooms through windows, creators can faithfully recreate the colour, shape and light of the sky, and  beautifully soften and shade away from the edges of their subject for photograph like images. 


There is an option to toggle draw distance and other settings by using a predefined quality settings slider, again, easy to find integrated in the UI.


Users with low-performance machines can switch effects on/off in the revamped Settings UI. We have also added support for an 'older computer mode' called 'Quality Lighting' which will allow sinespace to run well on even ten year old machines.


For the techies among us: to create a post-FX process in your scene;  click in your project window in Unity, and choose 'Create' then 'Space Post-Processing Profile'.


Here are a bunch of images capturing the extremes of post-FX in different settings