space for... jingle in your jeans!

space is a virtual world platform built for creators by creators. The economy is designed to make it easy for you to build your business. space does not charge any up front or recurring fees and provides free regions, allowing creators to build a business without incurring any platform overheads.

We only make a profit if you do!

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Revenue share

The revenue is split 70% to the creator and 30% to space.

Revenue is split after third party costs. These include transaction costs and introductory fees paid to distributors bringing new users to the platform.


Protecting your Intellectual Property

space pays out to creators on a scheduled basis. This is to minimise the potential for piracy, preventing funds from being withdrawn before complaints are researched and responded to.


Content is reviewed manually, all sellers are registered with a physical contract including name & address (which ensures we have a contact - and makes tracing down IP violators easier; there are no anonymous creators in our marketplace).




Space supports multiple currencies, including one monetised currency (gold), and at least one non-monetised promotional currency (silver). Promotional currency that users earn by spending time in-world and completing tasks and quests.

Creators can choose to sell any individual virtual good for only monetised currency only (Gold); for all currencies, or simply for promotional currency alone. The choice on how you sell your content and whether you participate in promotional currencies is up to you.

Creators who make content available for promotional purchases also see rewards - including promoted marketing from space showcasing your content, and the opportunity to participate in premium creator programs (such as stores in landing regions, the ability to dress a starter avatar and more.)


Free Regions

We grant free regions to all users in space - every user gets at least one region available for free as part of their account. This gives you greater opportunities to sell region-related content (including region designs, furniture, and more) as you can now sell to every user - not just land owners.

Region pricing is inexpensive - with a 10 region plan costing only $75 per month.

White label versions of the platform, and separate grids, will be available later in 2016.