Integrated post shading using the latest effects from Screen Space Realtime Reflections, Motion Sampled Temporal Anti-Aliasing. Half a dozen post FX effects are applied to every frame with creator control over the final look and feel.

NOTE: different platforms have differing specifications. The desktop player offers higher quality graphics than the WebGL build, which is currently restricted but will improve dramatically with the release of WebGL2 and web assembly.




Static Lighting

Bake scenes directly from the Unity editor with a single-click and deliver them to your users with fully pre-calculated and run-time GI lighting.

We use Deferred Rendering to allow you to have hundreds of lights in a scene -- but using static baked lights, you can have tens of thousands.

Use Geomerics Enlighten's functionality to allow real-time global illumination in your regions - have moving sun/moon objects which reflect off walls realistically.


Shader Model 6 Support

Use DirectX 12 features where supported, with fallbacks all the way down to Shader Model 2.0 on OpenGLES mobile hardware. Showcase your content using the latest in hardware tessellation, GPU instancing and more.

Use any built-in Unity shader, any of ours - or if you're feeling up to it, write your own shaders in Cg and upload them with your content to take advantage of the full powers of modern GPUs.


Content fallbacks

Designate your content in ways to enable elegant high performance fallbacks on lower-end platforms, while still delivering the top quality content in the latest PC environments.


Other graphics tools include...

- Unity's Shuriken particle system

- Reflection and light probes

- Occlusion culling (enables massive increases in quantity of content in a scene)

- Built-in LOD handling for custom LOD.