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Want to help us in Space?

Become a Space Greeter! 

Greeters will help to welcome visitors to Space, answer questions and give directions. Several two (2) hour shifts will be available to choose from and Greeters will be asked if they can assist with our programme of events.

A information document will be provided to help add continuity to the service, and to answer frequently asked questions.  

All Greeters will be working with Merrie, Space Customer Service Manager.


Based on 2 hour shifts.

20 (2 hours sessions) = 1 year subscription (standard package 1)

50 sessions = 3 year subscription (standard package 1)

100 sessions = Lifetime subscription (standard package1)

200 sessions = Moves you up to standard package 2 and subscription for 1 year.


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Time Zone *
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Maximum Weekly Hours *
Please let us know the maximum number of hours per week that you can devote to being a greeter