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In space you can build and experience the most amazing things easily, with AAA quality graphics and unparalleled flexibility functionality. Unleash your creative self and have great fun building and exploring the most amazing regions.

Massive regions for free.


Building in space costs only a fraction of other virtual worlds to build and maintain.


Your first region is even free!


We limit regions by only concurrency & file-size; upgrade only if you need it. If you're running an event, ask us about our automatic sharding features.


Powered by Unity 5.


space is built on top of a strong game engine provided by Unity3D, giving you access to the latest graphics features as soon as they are developed.

If you're already familiar with Unity - you'll feel right at home, our editor pack for Unity lets you work and publish your creations from within the Unity editor directly.


Built for creators, by creators.


We have been creating and selling virtual goods for over ten years; we drew up a wish list of everything we wanted the perfect virtual world to do. space is the result of a decades work spent developing virtual world software.


Professional tools, professional work.


space is built so so you can effortlessly import content from leading 3D modelling and editing tools. We leverage all of Unity's fantastic workflows, and add more of our own on top.

Import and preview directly, plugin-free from 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave, ZBrush and Blender. Texture it up using PBR materials from Substance Designer or DDO; or just bring your Photoshop PSDs in. Animate it in MotionBuilder. Clothe straight from Marvelous Designer and Clo3D with built-in auto-rigging.



Highest quality output.

space allows you to build regions, clothes and other virtual goods to the highest quality standards in the market. If you want regions and avatars that look like they just walked out of the latest AAA console game then you have come to the right place.


fashion shoot 16.png

Fast, effective workflow.

 space offers massive regions at very competitive prices, our workflows are fast and make your content look great.


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