Join our launch team! launches globally on December 16 2015

Can you create a region and a launch inventory of virtual goods? We will then launch and promote your work to a huge global audience, through our proven network of more than 60 distribution partners.

Being part of the launch will drive hundreds of thousands, hopefully millions of new users into your arms.

What do I need to do?

We need two things from you;

Create a new region in the launch theme

The region will be listed by us on all our established distribution outlets, where we have launched our own regions and games within our virtual world over the last 18 months.

The region needs to be a scene that we will take from you and post. It should support your brand and contain a store area where mannequins or other vending machines can sell your virtual goods. There will be a theme attached to it that you will need to follow, so we can effectively market it for you, but we can discuss with you how you choose to interpret that theme.

To make the region interactive and not just a passive space (which enables us to market it to our distribution partners), we are willing to consult with you on a quest or activity that users can follow to engage them with your brand, reward them with some special content and lead them to your products.

We have a full suite of quest creation tools and will build a custom quest for you, and integrate it with your region. If you are interested, we can even hand over the quest tools to you, so you can build and modify quests yourself.

Provide or create launch inventory of virtual goods

You may already have a library of virtual goods that you retail in other virtual worlds. We can automate the translation of those assets over to our world for you. We just need the original assets, the branding and promotional material and the metadata including sub brands, product names, pricing, etc.

We do not require that this launch inventory be exclusive to our platform.

What do I get?

Free land

Your own free region; there are no land or hosting costs in

Free distribution

Free promotion to millions of users on game portals and other distribution networks where Sine Wave has been successful in the past.

Free money

As well as launching your region on our distribution network, we will also give you US$750.00 in direct marketing budget to spend on advertising your region, this can be spent on any advertising that you believe will be effective (such as Facebook ads, Gaming/Virtual World sites, etc.).

Additionally, we will assign an experienced marketing manager to help you refine messages and images and ensure your campaign is a success.

Best in class tools

Unique content creation tools, including;

  • Native support for common virtual goods such as Pets, Furniture, Vehicles, Regions, and more. (You don't need fifty custom scripts to do what you want,  it's all natively built-in and extensible)
  • Industry standard workflows, upload content straight from your favourite modelling and texturing apps.
  • Underlying modern game engine (Unity3D), with wide variety of cutting edge graphics features; from PBR rendering to high performance Screen-Space Reflections supported out-of-the-box.
  • WYSIWYG previewing and preflight tools, with support for including things such as custom shaders.
  • Built-in Clothes Customisation Support for end-users
  • Multi-user animations and camera scenes
  • Built-in client-side responsive vehicles that behave like they should.
  • Quest and mini-game components that can integrate with your content.
  • Simple, transparent revenue to you; both for the sale of your virtual goods and affiliate income from all new users entering through your portal.

Team support

We have a dedicated team of engineers, writers, artists and project managers who will work with you to bring your region to life, with it's own dedicated storyboard and quest chain. We'll be providing additional support from our contractors team, to provide custom audio & music, and more.

When is this happening?

We launch December 16. We close the gate to launch partners like you on September 30th.

  • Sept 30 – launch partners confirmed
  • Oct 7 – Agreed region plan and virtual goods inventory for each partner
  • Oct 14 – Agreed quest storyboard for each region
  • Nov 14 – Final region and virtual goods content submitted to Sine Wave
  • Nov 30 – Internal launch and review
  • Dec 7 - Internal consulting with distribution partners
  • Dec 16 – Public launch