Mar 3rd 2017

Sine Space has released its much-requested scripting functionality.

The new Space scripting release encompasses a wide variety of scripting functionality, and enables individual developers to create highly complicated interactive elements, with over 500 classes, methods and properties provided so far.

Space is designed to be a virtual world platform for everyone from the hobbyist to the most advanced professional.


                Mar 9th 2017

Sine Space leads the way in high performance avatar clothing

Today, Space released its eagerly anticipated custom built clothing shader, for creating high quality, high performance clothing items.

The new Space clothing shader uses tessellation to deliver high frame rates, high concurrencies and amazing details all at once.




Nov 11th 2016

A new virtual world, space, launched today, offering free regions to users.

“A playground worth it's weight in gold...”

“A dream come true...”

Space, a virtual world platform developed over seven years by Sine Wave Entertainment, has been in private beta for two months and is now opening to the public. MORE...


Aug 26th 2016

New virtual world, space, enters private beta.

A new virtual world created by Sine Wave Entertainment has invited a small group of experienced virtual world professionals to work with it's tools in a private beta.

Members of the group are being handed tools that have been used by Sine Wave's internal team to deploy large scale virtual world projects for more than seven years.

The platform, branded space, runs across desktop, webgl, tablet and console.



            Jan 29th 2017

The Space virtual world has paid out to developers for the first time.

Creators are being paid for the sale of their virtual goods including hair, clothing items, skins and vehicles.

More than 200 new virtual goods were released for sale on the live servers by the Space community in December 2016 bringing the total number of virtual goods to almost 2000. MORE...


          Jan 29th 2017

Sine Wave Entertainment has launched a new virtual world platform, called Space

The platform is aimed at Unity 3D developers from hobbyists to skilled professional developers.

The platform is a full feature social MMO with powerful tools for content creators and developers, that allows developers to upload and create content, and a real economy for the trade in virtual goods and downloadable content.

The platform went to public beta in November 2016 and has just paid out to developers for the first time today.

Creators are being paid for the sale of their virtual goods including hair, clothing items, skins and vehicles. MORE...