Space Contests


St. Patrick's Day

A creation contest for St. Patrick's Day. This can be clothing, a piece of furniture, an avatar accessory, whatever you like!  It does not have to be a St. Patrick's Day theme.  

Prizes:  1st - 5000 Gold

2nd - 2500 Gold

How To Submit Your Item: Send your item to review before the deadline below and send the name of the item and the ID number to  You can find this information by logging into Curator


  •  Multiple and group submissions are allowed.  You will need to decide how to split the prize.  
  • Gold and Silver awards will be added to your Space account after the contest.
  • Items must be PG (No mature or R rated items).
  • You may sell your items after the competition; however, we reserve the right to use your item in marketing images.
  • Item's must be substantially your own work.  Use of the asset store is allowed as long as you indicate which parts came from the asset store and the majority of the work is your own.  Be sure you indicate this when you send your email.
  • Staff are ineligible to participate. 

Deadline:  March 31st 2017 before 00:00 Midnight UTC.