space for every device

You can run the same content across the desktop, browser, mobile and consoles.


WebGL Accessible!

space can be accessed in any modern browser without any plugins or software installation.

Build for Mobile (Coming soon!)

Our new Android, iOS and Windows Phone clients (available to the general public soon) allow access to space worlds, on the go.


platform comparison

Feature Desktop WebGL Mobile Console
Platforms Supported Windows, OSX, Linux Firefox, Chrome, Edge iOS, Android, Windows TBA (8th Gen)
Physics Quality High Limited Limited High
Physics Engine PhysX Custom PhysX PhysX
Rendering Engine DirectX 9/10/11/12,
OpenGL 2.0+
(OpenGLES 2)
OpenGLES, Metal,
DirectX Mobile
Linear Lighting Yes Faked Yes Yes
Rendering Mode Deferred Deferred Forward Deferred
Shader Model 6.0 (Windows, DX12);
5.0 (Others, OpenGL)
2.0 (+GLES) 2.0-4.0 5.0 (DirectX 11-equiv)
Physically Based Rendering Supported Supported Supported Supported
Scene Complexity Limits High Low Medium High
Occlusion Culling Full Full Full Full
SpeedTree Full Limited Full Full
GPU Instancing Full (DX11+) No No No
Substance™ Materials Procedural and Baked Baked Only Procedural and Baked Procedural and Baked
Cloth Physics Yes No Mixed Yes
Maximum Characters On Screen 300 20 50 200
Atmospheric Scattering Yes No No Yes
Reflections Runtime & Baked Probes Probes Only Probes Only Runtime & Baked Probes
Shadow Quality Soft & Hard, High Quality Hard, Low Quality Hard, Low Quality Soft & Hard, High Quality
Post FX Full Moderate Moderate Full
Data Caching Full Browser/ISP Only Size Limited Size Limited
Cache Size 4gb+ < 300mb 1gb 2gb
VOIP Yes No Yes Yes
Clothing Customisation Yes No Yes Yes