tell your stories with npcs, quests and more!

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Bake NPCs into you region when you upload it. Or deploy them as furniture items that can be spawned anywhere inworld. Crowd scenes are easy to deploy; we have demo regions running with more than 300 NPCs in a single tight crowd.

Use vending NPCs to showcase virtual goods and branded shop windows featuring your own content.



NPCs and quests

Our Quest system allows you to script NPCs with dialogue and activity steps. You can create complex stories or use quest chains to lead users to explore your regions and earn rewards.

If you're looking to build rich role-playing or story driven worlds; or even in training and simulation needs, you can use our quest tools to direct users around your regions, and construct activities within.

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Mannquins and vending NPCs

There is no need to script your own complex vending objects inworld. Just drag a vending component onto an NPC or any object in your scene and it becomes a clickable shop window. You can instantly showcase a specific item or a branded collection.