press release 11th Nov 2016

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Sine Wave Entertainment
11th November 2016


“A playground worth it's weight in gold...”


“A dream come true...”


Space, a virtual world platform developed over seven years by Sine Wave Entertainment, has been in private beta for two months and is now opening to the public.


Sine Wave Entertainment's CEO, Adam Frisby, was one of the founders of OpenSim and his new project has been hotly anticipated by people in the know for a few years.


“Space is built for creators” commented Adam. “We are creators ourselves, some of us having been building in Virtual Worlds for two decades now. Space is the culmination of everything we have wanted in our own virtual world platform.”


The platform boasts some impressive,specifications offering 100 concurrency regions of unlimited geographical size.


The virtual world runs in HTML5, a desktop client for Windows and OSX, Android, iOS and game consoles. It is built on the Unity3D game engine, offering AAA quality graphics and impressive flexibility for creators.



Early users of the project have been blown away;


“I am really impressed with space. Wandering though hundreds of avatars with no lag is insane! This is a MUST-BE world for every digital creative.”
Draxtor, producer/host of Drax Files: World Makers


“Space answers what the next virtual world platform should be. A playground worth its weight in gold. It is going to take virtual worlds to the next level.”
Weslyn "DocYare" Whitehead CEO of Watchman Works LLC makers of Streetlife.Online, Drager's Nest and CTO of


“I have tried several platforms. The space team know what we need; for education, training and entertainment. It is a dream come true. A one-stop-shop.”
Cynthia Stagner, Director, Silicon Valley Media Group


“After 8 years I walked away from virtual worlds in 2015, closing my stores and my club.  I never thought I would come back.  Space changed my mind.”
DJ Bronxelf, Club Gothika










Space is built and operated by Sine Wave Entertainment a UK based company with offices in Shanghai and Sydney.


The company has a long track record of innovation in it's market, including as founding developers of OpenSim.


It began retailing virtual goods in virtual worlds like IMVU and Second Life in 2006.



London head office

22A St. James's Square London,
SW1Y 4JH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 207 078 7449
Shanghai office

E-904, No. 1715 North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, 200061 China

Phone: +86 (0) 21 3251 6685