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Create regions kilometres in size packed with content.

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Massive regions

Even with the free account you can create massive landscapes in Space. There is no official limit; we have tested successfully regions at 16 kilometers x 16 kilometers. Careful design can allow for truly massive worlds - and dedicated support for tiled regions is coming later in 2016, allowing denser large worlds more easily.

Upgrade to a level 5 subscription ($75 per month) and you can run 10 regions with an upload size of 2 gb each.


Custom URLs

Reserve free custom URLs for your regions and share them with visitors, allowing anyone to drop directly into your region through our WebGL player. Embed your world on another page - like your blog or personal website and provide easy instant access to your content.

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Control and flexibility

Space's world building tools are designed for maximum flexibility - whether you're building interior or exterior scenes, space makes virtually no demands on how you create your region and what content you want to appear in it. If you don't want to include terrain or water objects - don't.

If you want a custom lighting rig and skybox featuring three suns in the sky? Go for it.  If you want to override our default post settings - make your region viewed through night vision, or in a gritty realistic high contrast mode; our Post Zones allow you to modify post effects ranging from bloom to atmospheric scattering - or professional-level colour grading through LUTs.