The competitions are simple and fun; not too many rules


One of the important things,  is to tell us you're entering (via the form at the bottom of this page)


There are three contests, all of which will be judged by sinespace staffers (who are not allowed to enter).


Winners win prizes!


1. Photo Exhibition and Contest

2. Avatar Clothing Painter

3. Create Your  Fireworks


Fireworks Display and Contest

If you would like to enter this contest, please ask me, Sean ( and I can hand you the package or you can find it here. Documentation can be downloaded here.  Once you have created your fireworks, please send them with a name, and item ID to


Photo Exhibition and Contest

Snap away,  and upload your photographs to  If you use our snapshot tool (in the menu bar at the bottom of the inworld UI), there are upload options. To generate an email address to populate the Flickr Upload,  use this link: In the photo description, please add Sinespace Summer Festival 2017 and your name


Customize Your Avatar

Our avatar clothing painter will be available over the whole weekend (we will signpost you to it from the Welcome Center) Create fantastic/funky/funny/(whatever you like) avatars and come along to the judging