you can claim a free region!


you can create without spending

Space is built for creators. Our business is not selling land but creating a platform that supports the creative community and makes it as easy as possible for creative people to share and trade.

  • Space offers free land to all creators.
  • The free region supports 10 concurrent users and 128 mb of content.
  • The geographic size is unlimited.

You can buy more regions, increase concurrency and increase content limits per region by subscribing to our paid land services here.

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you can build high quality avatars

Space brings all the latest cutting edge game technologies into a virtual world you control. Tesselation shaders make it easy to offer high detail clothing with virtually no performance impact. Auto skinning, tucking, clothing layers, custom shaders, inworld customisation... space takes avatars to a new level of quality and efficiency.


you can use pro merchant tools

Space is built for virtual goods merchants, by virtual goods merchants.

  • The store is built into the UI.
  • Customers preview clothing on their own avatar before purchasing.
  • Just assemble your content in Unity, add our virtual goods component and submit.

The marketplace is built into the UI and the vending machines in your regions draw from the same database automatically. And it's a one click process to update for all your customers.

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you can control your content

Space only cashes out to approved creators. Like the Apple® App Store, we cash out quarterly in arrears; to ensure there is time for copyright infringements to be investigated. Your content is fingerprinted. And if someone does upload something of yours, we automatically remove every copy, not just the copies you can see in a public space.


you can work with a veteran team

Our engineers have been developing on Unity since 2008. We have been developing virtual worlds for 20 years.

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you can invest for the long term

By integrating with Unity, space creators get the benefit of continual graphics, physics and other upgrades. Space is the result of seven years of engineering and we are in the market for the long haul.